This is the story of a philanthropic family. “Pápanondo”, Don Joaquín Rubio Vázquez ~ Sea Captain turned Lumberman and Philanthropist. “Mamanonda”, Doña Pura Manresa Gomez ~ Devoted wife and Pillar of the Vázquez family. Proud Parent’s of (6) children; Manuel, Joaquín II, Pedro, José, Jaimito and Paulita. Accompanied by “Papátío”, Don Manuel Rubio Vázquez ~ Sea Captain and brother of “Papánondo.” This is their legacy and the legend of the family Vázquez.

“This is where it all began…”

From Spain, sailing away for work while raising a family on board. They built their nest in one of the islands in Palawan, Islas Filipinas. It is located on the northern part of the island, in a small “Tagbanwa” village called “Talindak”. They settled in the 1800’s; and in 1890 the Spaniards re-named it “Bacuit”. “Bakwit” in Tagalog and “Evacuee in English”. It was a place where people were evacuated to and from during the “Spanish American War” which had displaced lives on the island. A town was re-born! It is known today as El Nido (The Nest, named after the “Balinsasayaw”, “Swiftlets” who weaved their nest from their saliva onto “Jade like” limestone cliffs.) It was during the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898 were Pápanondo’s two (2) Merchant Vessels were sank by the Spanish Army next to the “San Quentin” to block entry to Manila Bay from the American fleet. It was during the signing of the “Treaty of Paris” six (6) months later when Pápanondo was fortunate enough to be paid back for the sinking of his two (2) Merchant Vessels. He quit being a sailor and with the money, he acquired and claimed his property. He becomes a Lumberman and builds; El Nido de la familia Vázquez.

“This is where we come from…”

Since 1890 to current day, the Vázquez family still live in El Nido. The Nest of the Vázquez family was established in 1890. The 1st Spanish families to settle in Bacuit, El Nido were Cánovas, Vázquez, Rios and Rey. Descendants emerge and make their way back to the nest to re-discover the island life and new members of the family Vázquez . Españoles de Peninsulares who bore Insulares, who bore Castizos, Mestizos and Filipinos; the evolution of our bloodline.

“This is why we have returned to our nest.”

Will they stay? Or will this be their new migration path back to their nest? “If you build it, they will come” from the movie, “Field of Dreams.” “They” referring to you, me and us Vázquez. Making it my own (our) place to call home and to withstand the test of time. For the future to continue on with the legacy; a Rich Cultural Heritage beyond compare and birthright of passage. Passed down to us through our Vázquez bloodline. Bled and bred from Don Joaquin Rubio Vázquez and Dona Purificacion Manresa Gomez; The BEST STOCK!

We are now all in this together. Just like Noah built his Ark, like Kevin Costner built his field, like Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and General Douglas MacArthur returned. We will re-live and we will share them. Those who will come will build bridges connecting gaps and filling in the blanks, spacing us closer together. From the past and to the present and back to the future. Let it pour and reign; no Vázquez gets left behind. This is our land and nesting grounds; hallowed grounds. ViVa Vázquez!!!

Come home to our nest! Our ancestors call and live within us all. Long live the Vázquez family!

“Look to the past to guide your yesterday presently today; for tomorrow is the future and only a day away.”

A true story

by: MM Casado